Meet The Team


We're landlords from seattle

AskMinka was born when five friends, all landlords, got together to gripe that paying someone 1 month rent to find a tenant feels too expensive, and that doing everything yourself is a hassle. We thought, "there must be a better way!" so we infused our best practices for listing, scheduling, and screening into a free tool for landlords like ourselves. We hope you'll find that it makes tenant placement a lot easier, and if doesn't, please let us know how we can do better:



Powered by decades of experience

The team consists of past employees from top tech companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Trend Micro, as well as established real estate broker RE/MAX. We love real estate, people, and technology.


Business Operations and Licensed Real Estate Broker (RE/MAX). 19 years of experience in the real estate industry. 

Paul Herbord


Customer Experience. 8 years of Product Management at Microsoft.

Tony He


Engineering. 10 years of Software Development at Microsoft.

Cong Wu


Engineering. 8 years of Software Development at Microsoft.

Evan Huang


UX Design. 10 years of Design at Microsoft, Trend Micro, and Amazon.

Allen Chan