Q: Really, how much does it cost?

A: We promise it's free for up to 9 units. When your tenants perform a background check we make a little bit of money (we charge industry standard price). Other than that, we want to focus on helping landlords first.

Q: How does this work?

A: Great question, check out this page to learn all about how AskMinka works.


Q: What do I need to get started?

A: You can sign up without creating an account, just a phone #. We'll ask you a few questions to understand your preferences and that's it! We don't even need your credit card.

Q: How much control do I have over the candidates?

A: You set the bar and preferences and we pre-screen based on it. We can narrow down to qualified candidates only, or we can also give you our recommendations on all of them.


Q: How is pre-screening done?

A: We will learn your preferences when you get started with AskMinka and candidates who are interested in your units will contact Minka first. We ask them basic questions to make sure they meet your bar, and once they do we will schedule showing with them and you.

Q: How much is background check?

A: Background checks are done via TransUnion and are $35 for each check (industry average: $39). The candidate pays for the background check, not the landlord (industry standard).


Q: Can you do my showing for me?

A: We prefer not to, since you know your rental the best. If you do need help, we're happy to send a licensed property manager to do the showing for $80 for 3 days.

Q: I also need a lease, do you have one?

A: Of course we do and it's attorney-reviewed as well. Simply get started and ask for one.