We know it's important for you to meet each candidate in person. But there's a lot of grunt work that comes before and after that step: pre-screening everyone that responds to your listing, scheduling the promising candidates, processing applications and background checks, etc. Minka is an assistant that takes care of the grunt work 24/7 so you can focus on the high value work of meeting candidates face to face.

1. Pre-screen

We collect the info. you're in control.

It's a good idea to find out more about a candidate before you decide to meet with them. Minka is ready 24/7 to handle the back and forth initial conversation with candidates to understand info like income, employment, pets, and move-in date. We present that info to you and you can decide whether to invite that candidate for a showing. 

2. Instant scheduling

we schedule around your availability

Meeting a candidate in person is an important part of vetting them. We make this as stress-free as possible. 

As part of getting started, we'll ask about your availability. Just tell us a couple of time slots good for you and we'll handle the back and forth of scheduling candidates you approve into those time slots. We even handle cancellations and rescheduling. 


Minka's smart scheduling algorithm will book showings back-to-back whenever possible. This way, you can do multiple showings in just one trip with no wasteful idle time in between. 

reminders for everyone

People are forgetful. That's why Minka automatically sends calendar invites to your candidates for the showings and reminds all parties ahead of time. This dramatically reduces no-shows and makes sure you never miss a beat.

3. Seamless Integration

Works the way you do

Taking advantage of AskMinka's benefits is easy and works on all the popular listing sites you already use. Instead of exposing your own phone number and e-mail address to the world in your listing, simply replace it with Minka's contact information. There's nothing to download and no apps to install for all parties involved. 


application and background checks

After you meet a great candidate at your showing, it takes just a few clicks to send them an electronic application with support for TransUnion background checks. A candidate can fill out the application and run the background check right on their phone. It takes just minutes for you to get their full application and a complete report with their credit history, credit score, criminal background results, and eviction history results. You pay nothing. Candidates pay a standard $39/adult background check fee.