Thank you

The sun has set at askminka

To our valued customers: We loved learning from you and helping you with the rental process. Thank you for giving us a chance to serve you. We're committed to ensuring no disruption to your rental business. If there's more we can do, please reach out to For future background checks, we recommend For property management in the Seattle area, we recommend Paul Herbord:

We are also grateful to the numerous landlords, real estate agents, and small business owners who gave us the valuable insights we needed to start and run AskMinka. Your generosity means so much to us!

We kept our doors open until Jan. 26, 2018. While we wanted to keep the automated parts of AskMinka (renter scheduling, screening, messaging) open indefinitely, the support costs turned out to be too high to justify that plan.

If you're thinking about doing consumer SaaS, real estate tech, or just startups in general, we'd be more than happy to share all the lessons we've learned over coffee or Hangouts. Just reach out to

We also have assets for sale and licensing (programmatic SMS communication, date and time scheduling with propose new time, NodeJS backend integration with TransUnion SmartMove APIs). If you're interested in more details, reach out to

We hope to cross paths again! All the best,
Tony, Cong, Evan, Allen, and Paul